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Recently my family and I embarked on an outback adventure in the Northern Territory resulting in a truly unforgettable experience. We began our trip in Darwin, a city rich in history and treasured by its traditional owners, the Larrakia people. 

After exploring the diverse and sophisticated city of Darwin, we began our adventure into Kakadu, hoping to witness the raw landscapes and enormous diversity of plants, animals and cultures. The extraordinary natural beauty and ancient cultural heritage of this land is recognised internationally and inscribed on the World Heritage list.

During our travels through Kakadu we saw vast landscapes teaming with life and growth. Unfortunately I did not bring any large zoom lenses so my ability to get shots up close to the animals was limited. I would highly recommend taking a good zoom lens for anyone thinking about doing this same trip.

I took a lot of photos and video this trip and have displayed a small number of the images above. I am also hoping to put together a short film in the next few weeks and I will update this page once its available.

Hope you enjoy the images as much as I enjoyed taking them!


Short Film Below

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