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A Glimpse of Winter

Hello and welcome to Benny's Blog! A predominantly photographic representation of my adventures delivered to your screens on a weekly basis. Based on the Central Coast, NSW, I am passionate about capturing my experiences through my work as a photographer and videographer in and around the ocean. So turn up your brightness, take a seat and enjoy my perspective on some of this weeks surf related endeavours.


What a week for surfing its been on the Central Coast! The 2020 Vissla Central Coast Pro kicked off in Avoca with 2-3ft conditions and light winds. QS grinders from around Australia and the globe have settled in, slotting sessions in before and after heats resulting in a fairly crowded and high performance line up. I know for me, this has meant steering clear of the area to get in my 'just for fun' surfs, however it has also proven to be quite entertaining and the talent out in the water is incredible. The final was closely contested by two aussie's, Matt Banting and Sheldon Smikus with Banting ultimately taking out the event.

If the comp wasn't your cup of tea, you should have found plenty of other spots with waist to head high waves and glassy conditions throughout the entire week! On Wednesday, a southerly change hit late and by Thursday morning the coast had been graced by a pulse from the south with beautiful still conditions for pretty much the entire day. If you did a bit of searching you should have found some pretty epic waves with just you and your mates. A few of the local reefy's even turned it on for a short time giving us a glimpse of what winter may offer. I don't think anyone expected it but the supposedly short lived south pulse stuck around all the way until the end of the week. I know I found some really fun wave and it was great to get back out for a swim with my camera. Goodbye summer slop! Come on winter swells!

Last weekend I filmed a promo event for Central Coast boxing. It was an incredible night and if you've got some spare time, take a look here.

~ Benny

Golden mornings on the coast
The comp area
Weekend crowds
No takers
Diamond in the rough
Josh - Self proclaimed style master
Sinead, in love with her twinny

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