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A wet Byron Bay Wedding

After a scorching start to the week with temperates pushing well into the high 30’s, a delightful day-long offshore breeze and a reasonably sized southerly swell that refused to depart our beaches, weather on the coast really did a complete 180! Temperatures plummeted, rain settled in and and for a few days grey was the ruling shade in the sky. The surf was small, the winds onshore, and if it weren’t for the large amount of work and study I’ve had to catch up on, I’d be starting to go a bit stir crazy!

On Friday morning I woke to a beautiful Central Coast day. The sun was out, the winds were light and a 3ft nor-east swell was delivering fun looking waves to our beaches. Unfortunately there would be no surfing for me as I headed north to the alluring travellers hub of Byron Bay. I was heading up with Kerry Langdon Down to shoot a wedding for one of his clients. As we drove, the wet weather appeared to stalk us north with unrelenting pellets the entire way. A work colleague of mine mentioned that rain on your wedding day was good luck? Ironic. After a beautiful sunny ceremony in the lush hinterland, the predicted rain began to fall, and continued throughout the night.

Fortunately everyone remained in high spirits and the showers provided us with the opportunity to capture some unique and beautiful images, a few of which I have shared below...

~ Benny

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North facing
Path to Narnia
A couple around on Friday
Tallow Beach sunrise
Beneath the canopy
Rain held off for a few wonderful moments
Ed & Jemma
A day to remember
Raw energy
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