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Early sunrises, early sunsets

Everyone's going a bit stir crazy... With the lack of work, limitations on social gatherings and realisation that your second puzzle doesn't have the same novelty feel as completing your first is the new reality! Daylight savings finished on Sunday and it feels like winter is creeping in oh so quickly. It's sad to say goodbye to our late night surfs but if you're willing to brace the increasingly bitter mornings the sun is up much earlier from now on!

The surf was pretty small and miserable for the beginning of the week with onshore winds that plagued the coast. The weekend on the other hand, offered pretty idyllic conditions with offshore conditions for two days straight. The temperatures sky rocketed and hundreds flocked down to enjoy their days off on the sand. For the most part everyone seemed to be abiding by the lockdown laws with many out surfing or walking along the shore. The lineups were pretty crowded with good banks up and down the beach so I opted for a straighter section of sand and took out the foamy to get my fix on some little closeouts. Dan got a sick photo of me on one which you can checkout below!

In other news, I also recently released my first wedding video. You can check it out here!

I hope everyone got their weekly does of vitamin D, now back to work, or home, or whatever else is left to do...

~ Benny

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Westerly's are always welcome
Loving my new foamie!
Plenty of waves for your weekend
Harry Carpo
Early morning twirl
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