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No one will take my keep cup...

For someone that typically likes to stay in my own little bubble around home, I've clocked up quite a few miles over this last week. On Tuesday I cruised down to the beautiful Blue Mountains to film a wedding with Kerry at the Carrington Hotel in Katoomba. Opened in 1883, this grand piece of architecture was a classic and elegant spot to shoot Isabella and Dino's Scottish Wedding. Following a cold couple of days in the south it was great to return to some warmer weather on the coast and even catch a bit of the left over east swell that lingered around our beaches. Only a few days later and I was down to Killcare filming the wedding of Dwight and Brodie as they tied the knot on a stunning Autumn day. A delightful beachside ceremony was followed by an incredible bridal shoot in Bouddi National Park. We really couldn't have asked for better conditions!

The sun shone the entire weekend and for a short moment you wouldn't have guessed that the world was currently spiralling into chaos as everyone braced for the impact of COVID-19. I ventured down to Ettalong for a family portrait shoot and the conditions were just perfect. The lucky couple and their bub were winners of a voucher I donated to a girls netball team from Woy Woy that are raising funds to attend a state tournament. Go Girls! If you'd like your own portrait shoot, contact me!

For surfers, reality of the current situation hit hard when news broke that beaches in Sydney had been closed. The 20,000 strong crowd at Bondi definitely didn't do any favours in suggesting that people were complying with the current social distancing protocols. It's a tough call limiting access beaches, especially up and down the east cost with the majority of people being frequent visitors of our beautiful coastline. Along with these drastic measures, it seems that everybody's increased care for the environment following the horrific fires over the summer has all but disappeared. Single use plastics have again taken over as the fear of COVID-19 grows and measures are taken to slow the spread. Keep-cups have been banned from most cafes, leaving people with no choice but to go home with their longer lasting and environmentally damaging counter-parts. I can understand the desire to slow the outbreak but where do you draw the line. It seems that often when humanity is threatened everything else is pushed to the side in a bid for self preservation. Without sustained care and a dedication to protecting our environment, we might find ourselves with nothing left to enjoy. In terms of the Keep-cups, one way to get around using a take-away cup is getting the cafe to make your coffee in a mug, and then poor it into your own re-useable cup. Give it a go.

~ Benny

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Morning haze
Weekend crowd
Calm waters
Framegrab - The Carrington Hotel, Katoomba
Framegrab - Dino + Isabella
Framegrab - Newlyweds
Framegrab - Brodie + Dwight
Framegrab - Beachside
Framegrab - Family
Umina Beach
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