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Off to the Maldives

All things considered, its been quite an exciting week for me! The highlight would have to be taken out by an early morning surf at the local with just myself and a handful of other dudes. Not sure if everyone missed their alarms but cranking hollow barrels almost all to myself? I wasn't going to miss that opportunity! After a few hours in the water and one of the craziest rinsings I've had in a long time, I was stoked to come in and learn that a mate, Dan Zahra had even snapped a few shots for me. As the guy normally behind the camera, it's such an exciting feeling to see some shots of yourself every-now and then. Cheers Dan, check out his insta here!

There were quite a few waves on offer this past week and I hope everyone got their fix. As that south swell began to fade, some of the beachies really turned it on with a 2-3ft east swell and relatively light winds. I surfed a couple of super fun rip bowls in Avoca and even ventured down to Umina which was great fun for your higher volume crafts. Unfortunately the weekend greeted the coast with a howling southerly and plenty of rain that left very few options for surfable waves on your days off. This southerly has kicked up a big south swell that will be met by Tropical Cyclone Gretel during next week and hopefully deliver a fruitful array of waves to the coast. Pack your boards... call in sick... next week could be good, really good!

Over the past few weeks I've been in contact with a surf charter company based in Spain about shooting one of their charters this June in the Maldives. This has been a dream of mine for years and after receiving my flight details from them on Friday, I can now officially say its happening! I'm one very happy grom right now!

~ Benny

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