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Times are changing

It was a pretty good week for surfing on the coast! A reasonably large south swell hung around from last weekend all the way through Wednesday and coupled with light offshore winds to start the week, provided some pretty epic conditions. I got out for a few waves here and there but missed the best of it on Wednesday due to work... not to worry though as I'm just stoked to still be making some money through these tough times and I know theres plenty of people that would love to still be working right now.

Other than a few surfs it's been a pretty cruisey week spending time at home and with the family. We recently got some chickens and it's been cool to watch them roam around their little inclosure, oblivious to our current situation. Puzzles and board games have been the go-to lately and I've really been enjoying chilling out and switching off. I'm not sure how long this situation will last but I've created a little table to track my isolation activity. We'll see where I'm at by the end...

Puzzles completed - 1

Board games won - 0

Board games lost - 0

Card games won - 4

Card games lost - 1

~ Benny

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Bouddi National Park

Lion Island
Dawn Patrol
The odd gem
New additions to the family
1st puzzle done
Missing pieces...
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